What happens during Body Scrub Services?

Table Showers, also known as Body Scrub services or Wash massage provides the customer with true relaxing and invigorating experience. Besides the regular pampering, they also bring a lot more of the benefits to the table. While most of the people might have already heard of a term- table showers, most of us are unsure of what they are, what we can expect during such sessions and what we can expect as results.

In a hope to bring attention and details you, this write-up will help you get comfortable with the idea of being in a spa.

Where do such table showers take place?

Most of the body massage center in Singapore usually have an individual and private shower rooms where one gets to receive such table showers or what we call as body scrub services. Setups will differ from one spa to another but virtually they all will be having a massage table fitted with some waterproof covering over it. Fresh towels are an additional presence placed there for hygienic reasons. Another significant feature is a handheld kind of shower which will be used during the session.

What should you wear during such treatments?

During table showers, you don’t need to wear anything in particular. However, you will most probably be covered throughout the session duration. Different scrubs have different rules and you can consult them before availing their services. Your private areas are draped with a towel.

What it consists of?

These services are a great help and tool to keep your skin clean and healthy as you will scrubbed completely right from your head to the toe. Except for some parts, you will be exfoliated with a cloth and sponge and cleansed with a wash or scrub. Exfoliation refers to the process of removing the dead skin cells to expose the younger and fresh skin of your body covered with the dead layer. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs, the overall appearance of your body, prevent acne as well as promote the health of your skin.
You need to lay your face down on the table and the masseuse will shower your body with warm water based on your liking. The next step is to use the body scrubbing using the gentle massaging strokes. This will not only help to cleanse your entire skin but also help to increase the circulation of the blood in the body. It also induces a state of relaxation. Once this is done, the final rinse comes to play. Often, these spas also offer to wash your hair with shampoo upon your request.

Usually, the duration of body scrub services ranges from half an hour to one hour, depending on the kind of scrubbing you want.

Where do they offer table showers?

They can be easily found at local spa in your area, massage spa, luxury spa center. In Singapore, these are one of the most common massage facilities found all over the country. Search for them online and you will find plenty of them.

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