Trending Interiors of Apartments in Residential Towers

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Some investors believe that after a long selection of the company-builder and signing a contract of sale, they are not afraid of anything. In fact, this was only the first stage and after it should begin to repair as well as finishing the dwelling.

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Below are the top 4 trending interiors of apartments in new buildings and nuances that must be taken into account:

  1. Minimalism

Nowadays, more and more people want to create a sense of “air” in housing, getting rid of numerous elements of decor (frames, paintings, books, vases, plaids, pillows, etc.). Minimalism in small apartments, studios and “singles” is especially relevant.

Characteristic features of this interior – clear lines, brevity and ease of finishing. Of the pieces of furniture in the room is only all the necessary, dominated by light shades and minor bright colour accents. Artificial or natural stone, metal, wood and ceramics fit best from materials into style.

Among the advantages of the project is high ceilings (2.7-3.1 m), the presence of underground parking and a good location.

  1. Loft

The modern style of loft is different from the one that was in demand 50-60 years ago. Designers took the best from it, leaving natural materials, grey, terracotta and dark shades, as well as high ceilings. Combined with simple furniture, glass and partitions it is possible to create a true masterpiece.

The best project in this style looks in spacious “tricks” with high ceilings. In small studio apartments or “singles” designers try not to use loft techniques any more. In the world of construction, the loft-style finish has become anti-trend.

  1. Modern

This style will appeal to quiet natures who want to get modern housing with a minimum amount of decor and maximum comfort. Since the interior of the modern is dominated by warm tones, it is most often used for real estate in cold regions and corner apartments. Shades of gold, brown and beige create a feeling of warmth, levelling the possible coolness.

Although modern is characterized by a simple form of furniture, cabinets, sofas and dressers do not look boring. Their decorations are glass inserts, fittings and curved lines. Textiles, ceramics, wood and glass are used as the main materials of the decoration. Particularly interesting is the fact that textiles in the modern interior with excess. Designers propose to use different textures of fabrics not only for tablecloths or curtains, but also for pillows and even walls.

  1. High tech

The peculiarity of this interior is the use of light and mostly cold shades. The design is dominated by gray, white, light gray and milky colors. Bright spots in the interior are absent, instead of them used natural texture and shades of finishing materials. Here the play of light and contrasts are built around wood, metal elements, leather, glass and other modern materials.

The concept of hi-tech is a little bit like minimalism, but here the emphasis is not on a minimal set of furniture, but on the general rigor of the situation. Water pipes and open ventilation are also often found here as an element of decor. In the apartment, decorated in the style of hi-tech, there are no useless or unnecessary things. Everything is used for its intended purpose and performs a certain function in the interior.

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