Fix Lag Problem in Blade and Soul

Korean fantasy MMORPG games like Blade and Soul lag behind the more popular ones like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Now buy blade and soul gold to well enjoy the game. However, Blade and Soul is a game that has grown at an exponential rate and has amassed a massive fan base virtually overnight. Since the game is new, not many regional servers have been established to facilitate online gamers so that load on available servers has increased with the rapidly multiplying subscribers. This has inevitably led to problems like high ping and lag in Blade and Soul.

There are certain measures that you can rely on to reduce Blade and Soul lag. To begin with, you can run a few tweaks on your gaming system to increase its efficiency. A few diagnostic tests should do the trick just fine! Refer to your task manager and hunt down applications that are guzzling you RAM usage. Alternatively, you can install RAMMap or Process Explorer which are beefed up task managing utilities. These can help you to pinpoint that can help you to investigate the root of your RAM usage problems. Once you have identified unnecessary heavy applications, simply close them to release much-needed RAM and reduce the load on your system. Also, make sure you don’t disable essential system applications as it may crash your system.

And, while you are at it, try checking your internet connection too. If you have a connection of less than 1Mbps, we would advise you to upgrade to a better package to facilitate faster transfer of packet data. Also, if you are using a wireless connection, remember that it is not ideally suited to online gaming which involves the transfer of large amounts of data. Switch to a wired connection to facilitate data transfer and witness a visible difference in Blade and Soul lag.

You can also try switching to a gaming proxy network (GPN) to enjoy a smoother gaming experience. GPNs use highly efficient server-routing techniques to ensure minimum loss of packet data during the transfer sequence. This dedicated route enables the game data to bypass the clutter and all the traffic on a regular internet connection increasing the data transfer rate enhancing the ping rate and eliminating packet loss, hence reducing Blade and Soul Lag. For more information, please go to