The Most luxurious project of Singapore – 

Thiam Siew Residences stretched over 263,794 sq. ft. marks the most luxe project in Singapore. This 18 storey condominium in District 15 is a real treat to the eyes. Thiam Siew’s magnificent beauty highlighting up to 4 bedrooms will leave you speechless. Thiam is a home that is tailored to suit your style”. Thiam Siew is a classy tranquil that has got everything around it that you have been looking for.

Each residence unit here is well-furnished and spacious. Perfection is what describes and drives us. Modern contemporary kitchen with dynamic ceiling height and a beautiful balcony what’s more you hope for. Thiam Siew offers enough room for the art that’s within you. Celebrate your home the way you have always wanted to. The features that pronounce Thiam Siew are luxurious floors, beautifully crafted furniture and well connected all around.

The facilities that rope in are a pool deck, clubhouse for recreational activities, a fully equipped gym, playground for children and so much more. Thiam Siew is situated at the most appropriate location with amenities like top schools, entertainment centres, MRT stations, famous recreational parks, shopping malls and complexes nearby. Come and explore Thiam Siew yourself for the best view in Singapore!

Thiam Siew is the most awaited real-estate project in Singapore. The apartments are unparalleled and value for money for homebuyers. We bring up all the modern conveniences for your disposal. With Thiam, you would be experiencing never experienced condo living. Adore the highest form of living at Thiam Siew!

A project by HOI HUP and SUNWAY –

Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway present the best development project of all time – Thiam Siew Ave Residences. Thiam Siew is a joint project by two renowned property developers. We together offer an exquisite and extraordinary way of living with our aesthetic apartments.

HOI HUP Realty Pte LTD, founded in Singapore in 1983 is a highly established real-estate developer. They have till now delivered more than 7500 fine properties. Hoi Hop has a vision of continuously extending quality and innovation for a better living lifestyle. Their high building standards have enlisted them in BCIA Asia Top 10 developers.

Another finest real estate developer partner in Thiam Siew is – Sunway Developments Pte Ltd. The build Own Operate motto of Sunway group makes them unique in the construction. Sunway, the name is enough to assure you of quality.

This project brought together by Sunway and Hoi Hop marks their biggest project till then. We have poured our hearts out into constructing the best housing units in Singapore. Honour the joy of living with us at Thiam Siew!

Thiam Siew Price – 

Thaim Siew condo has been quoted at competitive prices. Reach out to us to schedule a visit and for price estimation.

The temporary Occupation permit is in 2027. Grab in your favourite flat now!

Privileges of buying an upcoming condo! 

Everyone is eager for a ready-to-move-in residence and the reason is natural! In the case of purchasing a ready-to-occupy home, the holder can change positions instantly and does not have to reimburse the rent and the EMIs jointly. While that can be a strong statement for purchasing a ready-to-move-in residence, an under-construction home or residence like Tengah Garden Residences furthermore has its advantages, which according to numerous, surpasses the advantages of a ready-to-move-in home.

Particularly from the perspective of payment escalation and return on investment, the significance increment is much extra in the case of an under formation home than a ready-to-move-in home. But as ever the case, maximum of the 2 and 3-BHK apartments for the deal are under construction than the quantity of ready-to-move-in 2 or 3 BHK-apartments for sale of which there are relatively number of resale apartments as well. Here we embellish the advantages of buying under construction residences in detail.

Ø  Exercise of Choice

For the justification that a ready-to-move-in apartment is elevated in demand, the choices that are left with customers are fewer. In this limited number of flats, the opportunities that the purchaser would receive the right flat or home according to their intention or tendency are small. In the case of under-construction properties, the opportunities that the consumer would get a home according to their intention are much elevated. They can even select the right apartment with the right atmospheres and the neighborhood can moreover be selected according to their tendencies too from the accessible apartments.

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Ø  Price Advantage

The need for ready-to-move-in undertakings and homes is not just elevated but the rates are also high. In quick contrast, the rates of the under-construction flats are shorter than the ready-to-occupy homes. Although the quantity of ready-to-move-in homes is limited in number, the alternatives for the under-construction properties in any region are bigger. With the execution of RERA, the developers are bound to provide the estate within the anticipated time, and if not they are accountable to reimburse for the harms. So with this legislation in the area that conserves the customers, the hazard of purchasing the under construction plans is almost minimum.

The tremendous benefit of the under-construction property is they can be bought at a comparatively lower rate than the ready-to-move-in properties in a similar region. Counting the time of reserving and the period of ownership the escalation of the rate is the benefit that the purchaser receives. On top of that, there are accessible apartments and developers in this component who sell these apartments at even extra accessible or reasonable rates. This provides the purchasers with additional mileage and the moment expended on construction helps in favor of the purchaser.

Ø  Value Escalation

At the construction phases, the developers encounter a cash crunch and so the offers and expanded discounts are illustrated. The buyers of the under-construction properties can grab the benefit of such bids and spending such rates puts them in a payment benefit already for them to be staying for the price escalations. If adequate due diligence is done for the rate escalations and expansion of equity significances, the buyers would be at a boon and can obtain the price escalation of properties and return on investment.