3 Rules for Living in Harmony in a Condominium

When buying a condo, you definitely don’t know who your neighbours will be. If normally, in a family there can be arguments, differences of thought and why not, small quarrels, imagine what happens when you have to live in harmony with which you live in the same building.

Although there are differences, what should unite all condominium owners is the desire that, in the short and long term, the value of their property is maintained or increased.

To do this, it is necessary that coexistence, good habits and the prevention of apartment deterioration are some essential factors in the decision-making process of the condo assembly.

Unfortunately, sometimes from the simple discussion, you pass to threats and scuffles. In short, relations with one’s neighbourhood are not always as smooth as oil.

Below are 3 basic rules for living in harmony in a condo:


1. A good condominium regulation

The first rule for a good coexistence in a condominium is the will of the individual condominiums to respect the rights of the neighbours. A good condominium regulation drawn up ad hoc on the building in question, appears to be the necessary tool to have rules formally established by the small condominium community.

Unfortunately, it happens too often that this document, especially if it is of a contractual nature (drawn up by the administrator appointed by the builder), is a copy of previous regulations, or downloaded from the internet, most of the time it does not help the peaceful coexistence of the condominium.

From time to time, it is advisable to update the rules in the condominium regulations to improve the coexistence of the individual condominiums.

2. The administration of the condominium

A good council of the condominium, must represent the neighbours of the landing and must guarantee improvements, as well as encourage mutual respect and guide teamwork. To do this, you need to have a good, honest and prepared administrator as your right hand to achieve better results.

Managing a condominium is a complex job, which involves great responsibilities, so having a professional who takes care of your condominium is one of the best decisions that can be made.

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3. Use of common areas

In some condominiums, there are spaces dedicated to common use: swimming pool, tennis court, conference room, etc. which allow you to have a better quality of life.

If these spaces are used well, they can improve the relationship between neighbours, but if they are not, they can also generate small conflicts. When common areas are damaged, or lack cleaning and maintenance, they make residents uncomfortable, especially when you invite friends or family.

When these situations occur, these common areas do not add value to your condominium, but they subtract it. In these cases, the assembly of condominiums, with the support of the administrator, should enforce the maintenance schedule and check the state of decorum of the common areas.

Living in a condominium means having to meet the needs of several people, even those who think differently from you. Every now and then you have to be tolerant, thinking that in any case sometimes the rules are “broken”. Before arguing or filing a lawsuit that certainly does not bring serenity to the condominium, let’s try to clarify with the neighbour, perhaps over a coffee, and see together to find a solution by mutual agreement.