How to Choose the Right Condo when buying: 5 Tips that will facilitate your Decision

Choosing a home is an issue that a person or family decides for a long time. How to choose a house to buy, so that in 10-20 years to feel the correctness of your decision? First of all, you need to pay attention to the location, territory, price, infrastructure, materials and technology in the construction of the residential complex.

The advantages of new buildings are new equipment, wiring and quality repairs. Sometimes when entering the apartment it is enough to fill the condo with furniture and you can enjoy life.

Factors influencing the choice of condominium

On the question of how to choose the right condo when buying in a big city, think about those who are already specifically aimed at a serious step. Particular attention should be paid to the following factors.

  1. In new residential complex, it is usually higher than in the so-called “secondary”. However, the benefits that the buyer receives for living in a new building are justified. It should be understood that the Total Cost of Ownership in the full cost of housing includes not only the payment of the apartment, but also the cost of repairs and utilities.

Located in district 27 of Singapore, The Commodore residential complex is offering luxurious facilities at affordable prices. From 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom condos; you can chose as per your budget and need. Not only they are providing a shelter but, also giving you multiple benefits like close proximity to:

  • famous schools like Wellington primary school, Canberra primary school, Yishun primary school, Ahmad Ibrahim secondary school and many more
  • MRT station that connects to the central Singapore and other regions
  • Major family parks like Canberra park, Yishun neighbourhood park and Sembawang hot spring park
  • Nearby roads like Sembawang road-upper Thompson Road-Lornie highway, SLE, Woodlands Ave 12, SLE and Yishun Ave 1, Yishun Dam
  • Supermarkets, banks, F&B, shops and Canberra plaza
  1. Territory and geography of location. It is worth paying attention to the infrastructure near the house, the location of transport links, the level of gassiness of the territory, the availability of parking spaces. Do not be lazy and check the results of geodetic surveys, so that suddenly the house is not on the edge of a cliff or at the intersection of geodetic displacements.
  2. Modern construction technologies (frame or brick) and materials used in the construction of buildings usually meet global norms and standards. This fact confirms their quality and reliability.
  3. Developers who value their reputation must present documentation. In this way, they show that they can be trusted. Also, the documents are a guarantee of the quality of the housing itself.
  4. Everyone decides individually how to choose the right house to buy, based on their personal interests. For some, price is an important criterion, for others – location and infrastructure. Successful planning and different size of apartments usually have a positive effect on the choice of modern homes.

In addition, it should be understood that when choosing housing, such details as the colour of the wallpaper, plumbing, and tile quality are not as important as the strength of the foundation, the condition of water and electrical wiring and wall thickness.

Another property in Canberra area is The Watergardens @ Canberra. You might to check it out too! Hope this helped you.